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English to Croatian and Croatian to English

Today, the English language is used everywhere and it is almost impossible to find a website or instructions for using some product without being written in English. As in other countries, so in Croatia is required a large number of translators to facilitate communication with people from different countries. It is important to adapt the market to both domestic and foreign customers. It is also desirable for each website to have the possibility of switching from Croatian to English, but also from English to Croatian.

Internet development has created the ability to reach anyone in the world who is looking for the products and services that you offer.

Is it possible to make progress in business if you are based only on the public from your country?

Statistically speaking, it would be very difficult. A translation to English is a key item to increase the number of potential clients from all over the world.


Importance of English language in tourist destinations

It is becoming simpler and more accessible to travel due to more favorable prices and globalization. Thanks to globalization, there is growing a need of knowing the lingua franca, and the English language has been carrying this title for a long time. Due to the development of all activities, we are aware that today’s marketing can be crucial in choosing tourist destination, product or service provider, so it’s important that such ads and advertisements are correctly written in the English language.

Take for example tourists who arrive in Croatia every year in a large number. Wouldn’t be better if more content was translated from Croatian to English?

Even if tourists don’t know English very good, everything would be easier if the signs and the advertisements were written in English.

Traveling and visiting some country would be more enjoyable if people could avoid wandering around an unknown city looking for a museum, square or some sights. It would be easier to find a specific restaurant and supermarket. They shouldn’t ask the local people who might not be able to understand what are they looking for. Today, some popular tourist destinations have begun to use bilingual signs and inscriptions, which greatly facilitated the stay in foreign countries.


Advertising translation

Companies often need promotional campaigns, which should also be translated. Mistakes in the advertising industry are common and most of us have noticed at least one. Bad translation makes people doubt about product quality, which can negatively affect to sales. The most common mistakes arise from the fact that translators link some words with its equivalent in their native language. For this reason, mistakes often happen in translation from Croatian to English and English to Croatian, too.

A mistake that usually happens in translating from Croatian to English is the word “information” in the plural. You can often see the inscription “informations on number 091…..” which is wrong. The plurality of word „information“ in English is the same as the singular.

English to CroatianThe same mistakes occur when people translate from Croatian to English  plural of words “sugar”, “water”, “fun”, “jewelry”, “education” and so on. These words are all without plural form. Actually, the same word is used in singular and plural, but people often add extension „s“ at the end of the word. To avoid this situation, the translator needs to have the knowledge and experience in translation from English to Croatian, but also from Croatian to English, so there would be less misunderstandings.


Importance of native language

It is commonly known that English is an important language in all aspects, especially in the business world. Therefore, translation of website from  Croatian to English is very important, but that doesn’t mean that native language should be neglected. For example, if some company originates from Croatia, but its website is written only in English, it could reject potential buyers from their country. Therefore, if you have a site only in English, it is very desirable to have a translation from English to Croatian. In this way, domestic costumers and clients will get the impression that you care about them and that you directly talk with them in some way.

Croatian to EnglishAlso, many people from Slavonia and continental Croatia come to Dalmatia and Istria, so the content translated from English to Croatian will make them feel more welcomed in their own country.


GNOSIS translation agency as the right choice

To avoid all of the above-mentioned situations, such as incorrectly translated words and phrases from Croatian to English and English to Croatian, contact the GNOSIS translation agency.

A team of GNOSIS agency consists of native speakers, language experts, court interpreters, and professional translators who will ensure correctly transmitted message from one language to other. Accuracy, quality translation and free estimate are the reasons why you should choose GNOSIS. In addition to translation from English to Croatian and vice versa, GNOSIS translation agency offers translation from and to over 40 world languages.