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  • Proofreading in accordance with valid spelling and orthography rules
  • The proofread text will be delivered by the agreed deadline
  • The best price – quality ratio

Proofreading of texts

Language check and optimization

Your texts will be orthographically and grammatically correct, because they will be proofread in accordance with the currently valid spelling and orthography rules.

All types of documents

Proofreading of all types of documents: final theses, doctoral dissertations, catalogues, brochures, newsletters, business documentation, user manuals, book releases, scientific papers, etc.

Free estimate

If you would like to know the price of proofreading for your document, please send it attached to, and soon you will receive a non-binding quotation.

Certificate of proofreading

If necessary, after proofreading your document, we can provide a certificate of proofreading.

Our proofreaders are professors of languages with years of experience in proofreading.

Proofreading includes correcting of grammatical and orthographical errors, as well as improving the sentence structures’ linguistics and style for clarity and better legibility.

Why choose us

Expertise and knowledge

Our proofreaders are professional and conscientious, dedicated to constant training and education.

Vast experience

We have completed numerous successful proofreading projects, and proofread thousands of pages of different documents in many languages.

Excellent value for money

We offer the best price – quality ratio. We guarantee linguistic correctness of all proofread documents.

How it works

Ordering proofreading

We start working on your document after your decision to order proofreading services based on our quotation.


In the process of proofreading and linguistic check, your document becomes orthographically and grammatically correct. It will also be stylistically optimized.

Delivery of proofread document

The proofread document will be delivered by e-mail. We can also send you a certificate of proofreading.

Our proofreading services have been chosen by numerous individuals and companies, which you can see in the references.